iconMy Twitter profile, forced me to describe what I do in 140 characters or less and at first I didn’t too much like that, but it gave me an opportunity to be concise and to the point. So if you’re checking me out to see who I am, or how we can work together here goes.

“I live on the lovely twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago and I absolutely LOVE how Social Media allows me to connect with people from all over the world. My focus is Relationship Marketing  for I believe that without strategies  that focuses on the customer first, businesses never truly see the type of returns they expect from their marketing, online or offline.

I offer Social Media Coaching services and I create targeted social media campaigns for small and medium sized businesses. I also manage Facebook & Twitter Pages for busy people & companies and I’m passionate about helping new entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

If this sounds like something you need help with, then let’s chat.” Email me at kleonmm@gmail.com.

Okay that was more than 140, forgive me. 😉



My Interview with Keith Keller from THE GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT PODCAST

KKKKKKKKKAY!!!!! I want to thank you so much for an amazing and powerful consult! You helped me to gain clarity in my business, my social media and I felt a release of overwhelmed. Your strategies and direction for how we can move forward were amazing! I’m already referring others to you because you ROCK! I know my social media and twitter will allow me to connect with people in an authentic way and build my business passionately without feeling stuck and drained!!!!! You ROCK!!!

Tish Bell

CEO, Golden Business Success Mastery

Before You Run Off. . .

Let's chat about the ways you can use Social Media to grow your business, engage your customers and increase sales! It's FREE! No obilgation!

Thanks so much. I look forward to connecting with you.

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