18 Questions with Lemo Live

It's always a great feeling when we see "One of our own" doing great things! I've know Wayne "Lemo Live" Lemessy for many years and having recently reconnected, it was especially heartwarming to see that he's continued to make the music he loves while keeping his feet...

10 Surefire Ways To Find Your Audience on Social Media

This article was written by Alla Bogdan and reprinted with permission from Promo Republic. You may have a great product and provide perfect service, but your online content won’t have impact unless it is pitched to an appropriate audience. It doesn’t matter how...

The 10 Best Social Media Tools For Entrepreneurs on A Budget

If you’re like me an Entrepreneur on a budget, you’re always on the lookout for great FREE tools. Now although most of tools have a Free and paid version I’ve listed 10 of the very best Free option tools that I’ve had the pleasure of using. This is my personal “10 Best Social Media Tools For Entrepreneurs on A Budget.”

5 Time Saving Tips to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

This article was written by Alla Bogdan Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or other sort of social media professional, you want your social media tasks to be more efficient. You certainly don’t want to sacrifice quality, but you want to spend more time...

How I grew my Twitter followers by over 50% in 30 days!

I remember the night I hit 500 followers on Twitter, I was ecstatic! I tweeted my 500th follower to share the great news and he tweeted me back with a song. My 500th follower wrote me a freaking song! But with what seems to be the test of the Twitter Gods, every...

The Upside of Social Media in a recession

Every economy experiences ebbs and flows and the question for many businesses is how do we survive in these financially trying times. How do companies stay afloat in recessionary times, with calls for tighter cash flow management. Is a recession a good time to cut back on your Social Media efforts?

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