My Twitter Top 10 “Must Follow” List for 2016

On Twitter, Tweets are zipping by at lightening speed and for many, relationships building is placed at the bottom of the list, in lieu of pushy sales pitches and spammy direct messages, but who are the people who are #1 at building those quality relationships on Twitter

AgoraPulse: Social Media Management’s Best Kept Secret!

As a social media manager and consultant, I’m always on the lookout for tools that make my job and of course the lives of the people I support, easier and with so many options on the market, it’s not everyday I find one that makes me want to dedicate an entire post too it but I think I found one today and it’s called AgoraPulse!

10 ways to use Periscope to reach more customers

There are days when I feel like I've surfed to the end of the internet and back. I feel as though I've signed up for one too many newsletter, webinars and seen one too many cat videos (no offence to the cat lovers). I know that as a business owner you can feel...

3 things you’re doing wrong on Facebook and how to fix them.

So you got yourself a business page on Facebook and you've tried your best to grow and engage fans. However your page just doesn't seem to be creating the kind of buzz you expected. Could it be that with all your hard work, you've been doing something wrong? It's very...

Are women the real power behind Social Media?

Women are social by nature and so are men, however if you take a quick look at your social media posts, I’m sure your’ll see that the majority of your clicks and shares comes from women.

Top Tips From 6 Of The Most Influential & Sociable People in Social Media Today!

These are the people who take fan engagement to another level, for with as many followers as they may have, they are still willing to take the time to response to individual tweets, mentions and blog postings and for me, this is one of the true markers of someone who actually cares about the people who follow, engage and ultimately buy their products and services.

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