Getting started

Are you new to Social Media and would like to have your business pages professionally done or are your current Facebook, Twitter or Social media pages in dire need of  revamping?

We would like to help.

We will create your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile pages and provide you with at least three (3) professionally done cover photos and Avatar.

Assist you with a Company Description that will highlight your business and conveys your message.

Create an email capture tab (depends on the platform) to allow you to begin growing your list.

Offer one (1) hour of coaching on how to post, update and share content.

We will also create a professionally done landing page to get you started with growing your email list.

One time Cost:  $250.00 (us$)

Contact us at for more

Before You Run Off. . .

Let's chat about the ways you can use Social Media to grow your business, engage your customers and increase sales! It's FREE! No obilgation!

Thanks so much. I look forward to connecting with you.

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