KatyanThis may sound cliche’ but I am truly happy that you took the time to stop by.

When I started Kleon Media Marketing one of the things I noticed over and over was that many people wanted to get started on Social Media without a clear goal or plan for “how” or “why” they wanted to be online.

I often wondered if I was talking myself out of business as I found myself saying No over and over again to people who I knew would be spending their hard earned cash on a service that would not yield the best return on their investment.

Yes, I could help a business come up with a Social Media Marketing plan, but if they had not taken the time to do the groundwork, to answer the necessary questions, they would be very likely disappointed with the results. I could not in good faith manage pages without wanting the best results for my customer.

So my question to you is?

Do you have a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Many business owners jump into Social Media simply because they believe it’s what everyone else is doing and that’s a big mistake! Before you take that leap, you should have outlined clear and concise goals for what you want to achieve and how Social Media Marketing can help to move your business forward; connect with your clients and provide a tangible return on your investment.

My one on one VIP Coaching Session serves to get you started RIGHT and I aim to answer many of the important questions that all business owners should ask themselves before and after they commit to growing their business online.

I will partner with you to develop a strategy that helps to you get the most out of your online presence, save you time and most importantly, money. I really want to guide, support and get you well on your way to maximizing your online presence.Katyan_office

So if you are interested in chatting please book some time, the first 30 minutes are FREE!


Before You Run Off. . .

Let's chat about the ways you can use Social Media to grow your business, engage your customers and increase sales! It's FREE! No obilgation!

Thanks so much. I look forward to connecting with you.

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