If you’re like me an Entrepreneur on a budget, you’re always on the lookout for great FREE tools. Now although most of tools have a Free and paid version, I’ve listed 10 of the very best Free option tools that I’ve had the pleasure of using. This is my personal “10 Best Social Media Tools For Entrepreneurs on A Budget.” Updated April 2017

1. Adobe Spark

Not very technical and on a budget? Adobe Spark has been an easy to use tool that has allowed me to create really cool graphic posts and videos. I currently us this tool to quickly produce content for my Facebook,Twitter and Instgram accounts. This program has tons of templates and free stock photos that are easy to use and edit.


2. Bufferapp

If you are looking for a great set it and leave it tool, buffer is the one for you. Although there are many similar services including the ever popular Hootsuite, I like Buffer for it’s simple, clean and easy to use interface.


The free version is limited to 10 posts, with is quite small and mainly offers suggestions based on Social media or general business topics but it might be just what you’re looking for to supplement your posting strategy.

3.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service designed by Google that generates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic and it’s sources. In other words it can tells you how many people visited your website and where they came from.



Google Analytics can also be used to measures conversions and sales.  It’s easy to set up and an invaluable resource for the busy on the budget entrepreneur.

4.  CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Your head line can be one of the most important things you write. It gets your reader’s attention and most importantly if it’s good, it gets them to click and to act. So why not be scientific about it and get it right. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer “will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.”



You simply type your proposed headline in CoSchedule and you’ll receive a score. The higher the score the better your headline. Write a crappy headline and you’ll be given tips to make it better.

5. LikeAlyzer

This free tool allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your Facebook pages and gives you tips on how you can  improve your overall results. Great for the up and coming Entrepreneur who still loves Facebook 😉
like analy


6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire formally Justunfollow, is a Twitter analytics tool that helps you to understand your Twitter following. You can manage your followers and for me my favorite feature is the Keyword Follow. Check it out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll love it!



7. Canva

Do you need to quickly create Presentations, Posters or even Facebook and Twitter covers, just to name a few?

Well Canva offers a wide range of FREE and easy to use designs! Some of the photos can cost you as little as $1.00 but there are also loads of free ones to choose from!




 8. PowToon

According to their website “PowToon is an online business presentation software tool. It allows you to create free animated videos, as an alternative to plain old presentations” Okay I added that it at the end. Take a look at a video I did.

9. Buzzsumo

One of my all time Favorites. The free version of this tool is great at finding the most shared content across all Social media platforms and can also produce detailed analysis and reports. You can see what influencers are sharing, trending topics and even “Track your brand mentions, see the impact of your competitors content and track who’s linking to you and monitor your progress over time.”



10. CYFE

I may be late in the game but I only recent stumbled onto Cyfe. This app gives you one central dashboard for monitoring all of your your business data from one place. You can add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts just to mention a few.


I really do hope you liked this list and if I’ve missed any of your favorites, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Have fun on your journey and remember to never give up on that Entrepreneurial dream!

Featured image courtesy The Telegraph.

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